An aluminium conservatory warm roof

An aluminium conservatory warm roof

An aluminium conservatory warm roof is a popular choice for many homeowners, as it provides a sleek, modern look and is known for its durability and low maintenance. However, it is important to be aware that aluminium conservatory warm roofs can be susceptible to interstitial condensation and black mould.

Interstitial condensation occurs when warm, humid air comes into contact with a cold surface, such as an aluminium conservatory warm roof. When this happens, the warm air cools and releases moisture, which can then collect on the cold surface. This can lead to the growth of black mould, which can be unsightly and can also be a health hazard.

One way to prevent interstitial condensation and black mould from forming on an aluminium conservatory warm roof is to ensure that the roof is properly insulated. This will help to keep the temperature inside the conservatory warm and stable, which will reduce the chance of interstitial condensation from occurring. Additionally, it is important to ensure that there is adequate ventilation in the conservatory, as this will help to keep the air circulating and prevent moisture from building up.

A potential solution to the issue of interstitial condensation and black mould on aluminium conservatory warm roofs is to use a different roofing system such as the Icotherm timber roof system. The Icotherm system is made of timber and is not susceptible to black mould as it features market-leading ventilation.

This ventilation allows for the movement of air through the roof, preventing the build-up of moisture and reducing the risk of interstitial condensation. Additionally, timber does not heat and cool in the same way as aluminium, which means that it is less likely to experience drastic temperature changes that can lead to condensation. This makes the Icotherm timber roof system a great alternative for homeowners who want to avoid the potential issues associated with aluminium conservatory warm roofs.